About Me

Michelle Boback was born to Swedish and Ukrainian parents in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada. She claims to have basically been raised in her Grandmother's garden. A wonderful place where she would meditate on the plants and the rainbows she could see around them. 

An artist by nature, Michelle began singing and performing for live audiences at 9 years old in a program funded by Orion and The University of Manitoba. Michelle was the lead singer and back up drummer for the performing arts band that played live shows to thousands of people around Manitoba.  Having cutting edge technologies at an early age, defined Michelle's curiosity for digital arts and film which sent her to college for her Masters Diploma in Visual FX at a college in Vancouver, Canada. 

Michelle's love for the stage and literature brought her into a Shakespeare program at fifteen, where she fell in love with the Bard and continued to be cast in Shakespeare productions through out her career. Even producing a halloween event entitled A Mid-Autumn's Nights Horror, where she changed Puck to a zombie virus that infected the four young lovers. 

Michelle's love for singing  blossomed into a songwriting career and she's penned, produced and voiced songs with people all over the music industry in Canada and the US. 

At seventeen Michelle had a near death experience in a car accident, and that experience led her to a hypnotherapy course. She is a certified Hypnotherapist and Meditation Guide, a Usui Reiki Master and a registered Yoga Instructor. Michelle finds peace and pleasure in the service of others. Feeling comfort in the knowledge that we are all here together to experience life through love and acceptance. 

Michelle bridged the gap between the performing arts and healing arts by coaching actors in Vancouver, Montreal and LA. Helping people find their voices, clear blocks, learn to be brave and step into their power. 

Michelle took her acting and mic expertise into the commercial world and has turned over 500 commercials so far in her career. From L'Oreal, to Nike to pro bono campaigns raising ovarian cancer awareness. 

Michelle's unique college experience has brought her along on the journey of Video Game development. Having sat cleaning mocap for hours on end to watching current technologies do it in a snap! Michelle has grown along side the industry and is always amazed at the creativity and ingenuity that is  the creative force behind the tech. 

Michelle has appeared in numerous video games, theatre and film. She is an award winning actress and two time ACTRA Nominee. 

Height: 5"7

Eye Color: Blue/Green

Hair Color: Brown

Location: Los Angeles, CA

BOBACK_Promo 1 Jan2018.jpg
Commercial VO

Campaigns L'Oreal, Nike, McDonalds, Iogo, Bank of Montreal, Vichy, Garnier, Natures Fair, Iogo, Des Jardines, Government of Canada, Mobilia, Ovarian Cancer Awareness (Lady Balls), Jean Couteaux, Chevrolet, Red Bull, Air Canada, Via Rail, SAQ,  

(300 commercial credits). 

Commercial On Camera

McDonalds, Activia (3 year commercial campaign), Brault et Martineau (5 commercial series), SaskTel, Harvey's (UK), BC Food Bank Campaign, Des Jardine Bank Advisor

Video Games/Interactive

Naughty Dog|  Last of Us|  2019

Various Voices

Edios | Deus Ex - Mankind Divided |  2016

Dr. Megan Reed

Eidos | Deus Ex - Human Revolution |  2011

Dr. Megan Reed / Hydron Drone

Ubisoft | Watch Dogs |  2014

Chicago Police Dispatch

Ubisoft | Splinter Cell - Conviction |  2010

Receptionist/Civilian/Carnival Attendee


Amazon | The Flame |  2017

Lead, Reese Delaney

Video Short | Coffee With John |  2018

Lead, Callie Witherspoon

Kim Barr | A Late Thaw  (short) |  2015

Supporting, Carol-Anne *Award winning short, Cannes 69th Short Film Corner

Elias Toufexis | The Partner  |  2010

Supporting, Michelle


Sci Fi |  Andromeda |  2003

First Lieutenant

Whistler Cable 6 | Whistler Late Night Comedy| 2004


Letters By John | Noirtainment | 2019

Callie Witherspoon

Training &

Improv LA | Improv | Keith Saltojanes

Charlie Adler Workshop| Animation| Charlie Adler

Privates | Animation Coaching | Jennifer Hale

School Creative | The Master Program | Linda Darlow

School Creative | Advanced Scene Study | Linda Darlow

Corine Clarke Casting | Audition Worshop | C. Clarke & J.Paige

Elzinga Casting | Casting Workshop | Candace Elzinga

Ai Art Institute | VFX Master Diploma Program | Various

Crichlow Studio | Scene Breakdown | Brenda Crichlow

Viva Musica Society | Musical Theatre Program | Roslyn Krantz

Actros Showcase | Shakespeare Studies | Various

Young Company | Shakespeare Performance | Various

Elwick/Uof M | Musical Performance Program | Laura Williamson

Royal Winnipeg Ballet | 1st year | Various

Ziegfield School of Dance | Ballet, Jazz, Tap 8years | Various

Special Skills

Certified Yoga Instructor and Hypnotherapist. Ice skating, dance, baseball, provincial volley ball player, swimming, bike riding, bouldering, fishing, kickboxing, meditation guide and certified reiki practitioner. VFX degree.